3D printer comparison table

Dual material / dual extrusion printers compared.

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Model+support / Waste

Stringing and blobs around the print create flaws on a surface. Unexpected structures on a print can easily lead to failure, wasting the whole print because it gets knocked off the build surface or is unusable. This is not shown in the data, failed prints means lost time and money. The solutions available for other printers are ooze shield / wipe tower / dribble bin. Each of these wastes material and still struggles to prevent stringing and blobs around the print.
Robox simply closes a valve on the nozzle when swapping materials, the result is faster, uses less material and creates far more successful prints.

Two Towers

Material change time effects total print time. To gather this data two towers 100mm tall are built side by side, each in a different material so all layers have the same properties and are sliced in 0.1mm layers. The material needs to change once every layer for 1000 layers to create the build, this includes nozzle motions and wipe tower type actions.

Time for each material change

Time added to 1000 layer print

Total time to print test