Download AutoMaker™ for Windows 64bit v 4.02.00
Download AutoMaker™ for Mac OSX v 4.02.00
Download AutoMaker™ for Linux x64 v 4.02.00

Recommended OS version:

Windows 10+ 64bit
MacOS 10.14+ 64bit
Ubuntu Linux 18.04+ 64bit

Minimum OS version supported:

Windows 7+
MacOS X 10.6+
Ubuntu Linux 12.04+

File types currently supported (to expand):


Previous versions of AutoMaker including 32bit versions are available here.

Optional additions

AutoMakerPRO™ Licence
Robox Root for Raspberry Pi
Sample models for printing

User Manual and Guides

User Guides

In some configurations AutoMaker uses an edited version of the open source Cura_SteamEngine available here.
Please note that the gcode produced by Cura alone is not compatible with Robox hardware.

CuraEngine is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

If you have any installation or performance with this software please create a support ticket via the Robox Support Portal

Update Notifications

When online, AutoMaker will detect and guide you through updates automatically. If your installation is offline and you would like to receive update information via email please use this subscription form and tick “Software updates/alerts”.


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